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The concept

An innovative architecture

Based on a patented concept, WizWedge® shoes geometry gives athletes an improved postural balance, prevent bone, joint and sinew injuries while enhancing performances. The entire posterior muscle chain (plantaris muscles, Achilles tendon, hamstring, gluteal muscles and lumbar muscles) is relieved, thanks to a heel drop (Wedge and Wedgebox®) combined with foot arch support (Ergonomic midsole).

The Wedgebox® is an innovative compartment which allows a customization of the dynamic properties of the shoes.

The Wedge is a switchable component of the shoes made from lab-tested and cutting-edge materials. It improves the overall athlete’s posture, prevents muscle, sinew and joint injuries. It also optimizes your performance during training and shorten recovery time.

The Ergonomic Midsole is a keystone of the Wizwedge® concept: a dynamic layer is inserted within the shoe outsole for maximal stability and optimum running stride.

The shoes

Wraparound anatomical insole allowing improvement of the athlete’s postural balance and foot arch support.


Patented technological compartment associated with our Wedge preventing muscle, tendon and joint injuries.


Removable, customizable component made with lab-tested materials, allowing cushion, protection and dynamic return customization.

When sport meets science

Protection & performance!

Athletes are exposed to a particularly high risk of injury, due to repeated loading of joints and bones and to the constant search for performance. Shoes are often identified by the scientific community as possible injury risk factors. In question: mechanical properties (cushioning, rebound, stiffness of the sole) are not always best adapted to the weight of users and to their practice (type of ground, etc …).

The WizWedge® concept brings a breakthrough answer to athletes. Thanks to our patented switchable wedge, you can now customize your shoes depending on  your weight and needs and enhance your level of protection and performance.

Key figures speak for themselves!



Lab tested and proven, our shoes give about 30% more energy return.



Less constrains on bones, stress fracture risk reduced by 40%.



Joints, sinew and muscles vibrations reduced by 80%

Enhance your performances depending on any conditions.

Which Wedge® are you?

Thanks to our range of wegdes (cushiong, medium and dynamic), customize the technical properties of your shoes according to your weight, the ground, weither conditions, playing frequency…





Specification High cushioning level and shock absorption Cushion combined with good energy return Maximum dynamism and high energy return
Indications Enhanced protection Regular practice Search for speed and responsiveness
Pathologies Joint, muscle or tendon pain background No pain or active illness No pain or active illness
Ground Firm to hard ground Soft to firm ground Soft to muddy ground
Corpulence Overweight to normal Normal to athletic Normal to athletic
Over 80Kg Cushion +80Kg Medium +80Kg Dynamic +80Kg
Between 50 & 80 Kg Cushion 50-80Kg Medium 50-80Kg Dynamic 50-80Kg
Less than 50Kg Cushion -50Kg Medium -50Kg Dynamic -50Kg

Our technologies

Cutting-edge technologies, new progress.


A concentrate of technologies.


Load bearing outsole.


Innovative technological space for customizing the shoe’s dynamic features thanks to the removable Wedge.


Arch support optimizes overall postural balance and support.


A switchable biomechanical device, make with the cutting-edge materials.


Ergonomic upper part made with the finest materials.


Anatomical insole for comfort, support and improved performances.


Protective cleats improving the mechanical load sharing under the foot.

Our ambassadors

Athletes recognized for their commitment and excellence!

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Tel +33(0) 981 312 338
114 boulevard Camille Flammarion
13004 Marseille


Tel +33(0) 981 312 338
114 boulevard Camille Flammarion
13004 Marseille

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